RFID YubiKey-Product


The key to the digital and physical world

The RFID YubiKey works like a normal YubiKey with added contactless identification (RFID) functionality. This makes it ideal for organizations who want a single identification key for the range of applications, including access control and public transportation ticket systems. The RFID YubiKey currently supports the commonly used MIFARE Classic (1k) standard.

Physical access control

Works directly with existing access control systems as a complement to existing RFID cards and tokens. The RFID YubiKey is programmed just like any other RFID card or token using standard RFID readers.


The RFID YubiKey can be used together with Near Field Communication (NFC) phones and products. Application support is typically needed in the NFC device and the RFID YubiKey needs to be configured to work with this particular application setting.

RFID readers

Yubico does not provide RFID readers or software to configure MIFARE chips. A wide range of RFID readers and systems, both for USB connection and for fixed installation in access control settings are available. Just make sure the reader supports the MIFARE Classic (1k) chip.

Reading range

Given the smaller tag size of the YubiKey compared with a standard ISO card, the reading range is typically shorter. The reading range depends on the reader antenna geometry but is typically 2-5 cm.


The RFID chip is completely separate from the YubiKey authentication device and cannot be accessed via the YubiKey USB interface and vice versa.

MIFARE Classic security

It can be argued that the MIFARE Classic crypto is weak. However, given the widespread deployment of MIFARE Classic infrastructure and that the security is more than good enough for most access control applications, Yubico has decided to support this standard.